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Professional Legal Work

Legal Editing


I read and analyze federal and state-level appellate and supreme court cases and create a synopsis of the cases together with a complete set of the distinct points of law (a.k.a. legal headnotes) for the cases. These responsibilities require a keen ability to examine methodically, interpret, organize, and express detailed legal material.

These editorial enhancements provide a brief summary of facts and procedural history of the case, summarize and restate rules of law derived from the case, state the actual holding of the case, establish the legal relationship of the parties, provide references to cited statutes, and add terms and phrases critical for electronic searching. Uniquely available on Westlaw and searchable through, these editorial enhancements allow users to retrieve cases that they could not otherwise retrieve searching opinion-only databases on other online services.

Editorial Supervision/Revising


I review and identify essential revisions for the headnoting work products of other les senior editors in my department. These duties require me to help educate these editors how to sharpen their skills at analyzing, interpreting, organizing, and summarizing intricate legal arguments.

Legal Reclassification


On those occasions when the underlying taxonomy to which our legal headnotes are classified is revised, I reclassify the affected headnotes to the revised classification system (a.k.a. the Topic & Key numbering system, a trademark of Thomson-West).

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