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I'm a principal attorney editor with the Case Enhancements group within Editorial Operations at Thomson Reuters Legal, working under David Spencer, Thomson Reuters' Vice President of Legal Editorial Operations, and Patty Larson, Director, Case Enhancements.

As an attorney editor for cases, I enjoy engaging in legal analysis and writing editorial features that provide value to our customers. In my role as a revisor, I regularly train and provide feedback to other attorney editors as well as law-student interns. I also assist in the development of editorial policies through our headnote editors' manual.

I'm a Law School graduate of the University of Wisconsin--Madison. I clerked with the Circuit Court in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

I'm currently working on:

  • Training Courses for Writing Legal Points of Law (Headnotes).
  • Spot-checking the work product of attorney editors.
  • Reclassifying Points of Law for amended Legal Taxonomies.

Contact Information:

  • Thomson Reuters Legal
    Legal Editorial Operations
    Case Enhancements
    610 Opperman Drive
    St. Paul, Minnesota 55123 USA
  • E-mail: roberta.conrad AT thomsonreuters DOT com
  • URL:

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